The fulcrum of our commercialization strategy is based on the mature technologies developed at IMS.  These technologies can smoothly migrate into discrete or integrated components, devices and subassemblies, and more importantly as stand alone systems that meet requirements of the most demanding customers.  Our team’s diverse expertise in materials, electronics, optoelectronics, chip-level integration, software, system integration, business development, puts us in a unique and favorable position to launch complete functional systems that meet the demands of several markets.  We believe that these technologies can withstand the product-level scrutiny suitable for market introduction consideration.  Among the various mature technologies at IMS, the following devices have the highest potential to transition into system level prototyping and evaluation:

  • Extreme-temperature Ceramic (BN/BON) Capacitor

  • The “Giant Nanodielectric” Polymer/Metal Capacitor

  • The Multifunctional Compact Optoelectronic Sensor

  • UV/IR Integrated Photodetectors

Our Capabilities relating to Systems focuses on:

  • Design & Simulations

  • Integration & Assembly

  • Prototyping & Testing

Design & Simulations:

The unique knowledge acquired at IMS, makes the design and simulation of complex micro-integrated systems and sub-systems second nature.  IMS has the capability to simulate, theoretically and experimentally, a functional chain of complex functional systems with any set of technical parameters  in order to demonstrate the proof of concept.  Furthermore, evaluation of incorporated custom-made or carefully selected commercially available discrete components can expedite the optimization of the design/simulation process.

Integration & Assembly:

IMS capability extends to include efficient integration of all types of discrete components with advanced electronic circuitry, fiber optical cables, optical sensors, analog-to-digital converters, amplifiers, filters and intelligent Artificial Neural Network (ANN)-based analysis, into a single portable device.  Our expertise extends to cover all aspects of micro-electronic packaging (dicing, bonding, housing, etc) as well.

Prototyping & Testing:

Our capabilities in prototyping and testing of sensor systems include packaging of the integrated system into a portable unit with a small form factor.  Typical prototype assemblies for optical sensor systems include all optical, electronic, data acquisition and processing software, firmware, interfacing cables and connectors, and mechanical parts. We are fully equipped to conduct high-temperature and cryogenic testing for both electrical and optical profiles.  In addition, we can conduct testing for ultra high voltage field emission under ultra-high and low vacuum conditions.

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