IMS Awarded NASA SBIR Phase II Contract

January 1, 2010

IMS has been awarded NASA SBIR Phase II contract focusing on conducting research on “InGaN High Temperature Photovoltaic Cells." The ultimate goal of this Phase II project is to develop InGaN photovoltaic cells for high temperature and/or high radiation environments to TRL 4 and define the development path for the technology to TRL 5 and beyond. The Phase I project has demonstrated InGaN materials with bandgap, n/i/p doping levels, optical properties, and temperature behavior appropriate for solar cells. IMS regards InGaN as both a stand-alone space power solution for high temperature/radiation environments and also as an enabling technology for better efficiency terrestrial/space solar cells where environmental factors are less of an issue. Although acknowledging that current InGaN technology is not as advanced as its Si and III-V competitors, we believe that InGaN will be able to achieve the goals of this project.