IMS Awarded NASA SBIR Phase I Contract

January 1, 2010

IMS has been awarded a NASA SBIR Phase I contract for "Drastic Improvements in Bonding of Fiber Reinforced Multifunctional Composites." The goal of this project is to develop an intelligent and ultra-strong adhesive bonding system by: (i) modification of bonding surfaces through pulsed laser-assisted generation of Micro-Column Arrays (MCA) structures, (ii) employment of carbon fiber and carbon nanotube reinforced epoxy to interlock micro-columns structures and enhance the overall bond strength, (iii) generation of selected nanocomposite adhesive regions acting as functional materials and transducers. Technology developed through the proposed program will be employed for bonding of a wide spectrum of fiber reinforced multifunctional composites used to replace metals for space applications ranging from vehicle parts or components to structures and platforms. The improved bonding technology will provide the solider with stronger, light weight vehicles, which can out-last and out-perform their metallic counterparts.