IMS Awarded DOE SBIR Phase I Grant

August 1, 2009

IMS has been awarded a DOE SBIR Phase I grant for the development, fabrication, and testing of Photo-Enhanced Hardened Flat Cold Cathodes Based on III Nitride. The objective of this project is to develop, fabricate, and test ultrahigh speed, high-stability, high current density photon-enhanced planar cold cathodes based on avalanche photon/electron emission diodes fabricated from III-Nitride semiconductor materials. The unique features and benefits, as well as advantages over the existing micro-tip based technology include: (i) High speed in the femtosecond range; (ii) Electron emitting interface completely protected from the environment under the test by a III-Nitride based film; (iii) Field emission current uniformly distributed across the flat diode contact area; (iv) Improved field emission efficiency; (v) Simultaneous emission of photons in a broad energy range, including ultraviolet; (vi) Compatibility with MEMS technology and standard processes and equipment used for fabrication of conventional silicon-based semiconductor devices.