Energy Storage

Harsh Environment (Extreme Temperature) Capacitors (ETCC)

Potential Applications:

  • High-energy storage for fixed and portable field equipment:  Electric guns- Ballistic missiles- High power Microwave.
  • Directed-energy weapon (DEW), advanced power systems.
  • Structural capacitors: Electromagnetic Weapon (EM) systems- EM Armor or artillery.
  • T/R modules in radar systems and for use in shipboard tactical systems.
  • Oil rigs, In-car Electronics- Power inverters- Pulsed power- Motor Controller, etc.

Nano-dielectrics Capacitor (NPPM)

Potential Markets:

The compact nanodielectrics-based high-energy capacitor technology developed at IMS fits well into the rising demand for expanding applications of devices, modules, and equipment.  These types of capacitors dictate a higher level of reliability, as well as its ability to meet the demand of the following markets:

  • Consumer Products & Telecommunications: Digital Cameras, Mobile Telephones, Portable Media Players, Flash Photography, etc.
  • Transportation: Electrical Vehicles (Energy Storage and Discharge), Auto (under-the hood) Power Management Electronics (reduce CO2 emissions + harvesting waste energy), Aircraft Actuation Controls, etc.
  • Power Storage & Delivery: Power Grid (load-leveling), Power back-up, Renewables, Power-consumption Optimization, Field/Remote Instrumentation, etc.
  • Medical: Test & Monitoring Instrumentation, Implants, Imaging, Hearing Aids, etc.
  • Military & Space: Mission Critical, HF actuators, Night Range-finders, Lasers, etc.